As I do with many of my pieces, I quiet my mind, stare at them for a bit, and ask them who they are. Sometimes, they reveal a whole story; other times, just a name. This girl’s sardonic smile seemed to come to life when I asked and the only thing she said in response to my question was: “Lovely Day”. Was she telling me her name? I’m not sure, but it does seem to fit her. What she avoiding my question and alerting my attention with a statement about her feelings of the day itself? Only she knows.

The roundness of her face and the simple and genuine smile give her a easy to talk to feeling. She seems very sweet. I realized that making this one’s eyes blank allowed me to imagine multiple narratives for her. However, had I put in coloured pupils, she would have had a much different effect on me. What would she be telling you with bright blue eyes, deep brown eyes, or fiery green eyes?

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