Ok, she is a Mummy. Wrapped in a gossamer cloth, almost see-through with age. Her hair is wild and standing straight up on her head, with a new wave – post-punk style. She is even wearing a black ribbon around her neck, adding a certain sexiness to her look. The black lipstick adds the tough exterior to counterbalance the frailty of her frame. It’s all a very deliberate and well thought out look. Is this her post-modern expression of self-styling, or some call to attention?

I used mostly conte, but did an initial layer in coloured chalk. The effect was to appear dusty, like in the old Mummy movies and it seems to have worked. We get a softness and hardness at the same time. With a different hairstyle, she could be Frankenstein’s Bride.

For more artistic explorations, visit The New Renaissance Mindset @ http://www.renminds.org


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