In a nearby field, there are these relatively nondescript boulders; cracked and crumbling. From afar they look nothing special. Get up close and see something completely different. The boulder is made up of millions of smaller quartz crystals. It’s what I imagine the underskin of a geode might look like. I wonder if the inside of this boulder is hollow too. This is one of those things where imagination becomes more enjoyable than reality. I’ve seen the broken pieces of this rock and it is solid. I’m no geologist, but I’m guessing this is some ancient sedimentary rock, compressed by millions of years of glacial and volcanic movements.

The other interesting component is the dead vegetation on the edge. Only when the snows melt do we see this detritus of the Fall lying around. The amazing thing is that in a few weeks, there will be next to nothing left visible as the new growth covers it. Then the dryness of late summer and the ants will turn the rest to a memory.

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