Book Review: When I Grow Up by Al Yankovic

Let me start with the good stuff: the illustrations are wonderful and the rhymes are loads of fun.
The message is amazing: You can be anything you want to be, just be amazing at it! You can change you mind as often as you wish, as long as whatever you do, you do with great passion and excitement.
Beautiful message for kids.

I’m not clear as to what audience he’s aiming this book at. The message would be great for ages 7 to 9, but the language and interaction with the teacher might not be at their level. At least in regards to understanding the difference between joking and being disrespectful.

There are too many words for a picture book, if the kids are the readers. Mainly because picture books tend to be aimed at preschoolers and the language used here is not at their level. It would feel much lighter if the print was larger. The fine print gives it a sever tone.

Please put the design flaws aside and embrace the possibility that the subject matter will generate valuable discussions with your elementary children. It is overall a very enjoyable book. Hopefully, some editor will revise this to be a little more age appropriate for future editions. In the meantime, in its current form, you will have lots to talk about with your kids!


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