Book Review: STEAM Kids – 50+ science/technology/engineering/art/math hands-on projects for kids by Anne Carey, Ana Dziengel, Amber Scardino, Chelsey Marashian, Danya Abraham, Erica Clark, Jamie Hand, Karyn Tripp, Leslie Manlapig, Malia Hallowell, & P.R. Newton

If you can only dedicate one artsy lesson a week in your classroom, you got to have this book!

The lessons are loosely separated into five categories: Build, Color, Play, Sense, Grow. These are meant to mirror the five components of STEAM teaching: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math. However, the lines are exquisitely blurred and your students (and you as well) will explore each of the components in every experiment!

Deeply focused on play and discovery, expect to hear lots of “WOW”s and “COOL”s from your students… and probably even more than expected from yourselves. This entire collection of explorations is dedicated to curiosity and nurturing a love for learning!

Each experiment is geared to a certain age, but open enough that it should be easy to tweak and deliver it to any age. And don’t deny yourself the pleasure of participating; this collection is for the kid in all of us.

The authors have included activity planners, templates, journal pages, and much more to help in the lesson planning and delivery of these awesome experiments!

It’s another amazing book in my ever-growing classroom library. I think I’ll classify this one under: “Cool Stuff To Do”.


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