How I Prepare & Structure my Online Courses? Behind the Scenes Online Teaching Tips! A class by Andrzej Pach

I just finished this introductory course for giving online classes. One of the best 30 minutes you will spend! Andrzej Pach is the Skillshare teacher and walks you through the process of putting together his excellent online courses… live. FASCINATING!

If you are a planner and love being organized before launching anything, this is for you! 

It is focused around organization and is filled with hints and suggested tools. Andrzej shows us the tools he used, what he uses now, and why he uses what he does now. With endearing humility and remarkable clarity, he explains the process he uses to design and launch his great courses.

To my fellow educators out there, this is a good resource to help your students get organized in this new online classroom world. 

Note: The title image is a graphic created by Andrzej Pach himself.

ps: Skillshare has been giving extended free trial periods during the pandemic. I get no affiliate kickback from them. I am simply taking full advantage of their free program right now and trying to get myself better prepared for the online teaching I’ll need to do moving forward. And, of course… thinking out loud about my experience.


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