Book Review: My Weird School #3: Mrs. Roopy is Loopy! by Dan Gutman


Teaching is all about inspiring the love of learning, in my books. 😉

The illustrations complement the writing charmingly, and the writing… well, it’s perfect for the kid in all of us!

Every child has something special that will become the key to getting them to love learning and reading.

Dan Gutman masterfully shows the joy of recognizing that every child is unique and their personalities offer endless possibilities for teaching.

What a beautiful example of Paolo Freire’s philosophy of teaching. Did you notice how much Mrs. Roopy is learning from the kids? Actively listening to your students brings forth meaningful and enriching teachable moments!

This would be very enjoyable to read to first and second graders, which, I believe are the target audience, burning can’t wait to read this to my fellow educators… especially those that remain kids at heart.


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