What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?

There's a skull-like face, with big hollow, black eyes. It seems to be extending an arm out and pointing out into the forest. The shadows cast upon this tree also look like figures dancing on the bark. These visions quickly disappear the closer one gets to the tree, but from afar, the imagination runs wild! … Continue reading What The Hell Is Coming Out Of The Centre Of This Tree?!?

Digital Sunspots

Do you ever just have fun squinting at things around you? I do. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining through the leaves of the trees, which were gently blowing in the wind. The air was full of bees, dragonflies, mosquitoes, and flying beetles. Live was all around and delivering a cacophony of … Continue reading Digital Sunspots

A child’s perspective is a guaranteed smile

Book Review: Mr. Granite is from Another Planet by Dan Gutman Another hysterical read from Mr. Gunman! I loved this one too!!! In case you've forgotten and are just taking life way too seriously, follow the kids in this story and see how beautifully funny the world must be when everything is literal. Absolutely wonderful … Continue reading A child’s perspective is a guaranteed smile

The End of the Mountain

Funny how perspective plays with what we are looking at. This is a small-ish rock that up close looked like a mountain range. It's images like this that make me realize that I need to boost up the resolution on my camera and maybe get a lens for macros. Some parts just get too pixelated … Continue reading The End of the Mountain

Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View

Taking macro shots throws my imagination into film mode. I feel like I'm suddenly seeing the world from the perspective of a bee or a fly. I had to get down close to this clump of broken branches to see the ground, fallen-desiccated leaves, and mosses. The branches formed a tunnel from my plain eye's … Continue reading Flying Through – A Bee’s Eye View

Encroaching Darkness

If I were to express this in one word it would be: ominous. That was my first impulse reaction when I was how the shadow was caught on camera. If you start viewing the image from the bottom, you can see beautiful, warm light of subtle, natural tones. The little shadows and dark spots only … Continue reading Encroaching Darkness

Contrast & Wonder

Get in really close and enjoy the light coming off the differently textured surfaces. Some of my shots of this view were in colour and it remained unspectacular to me. It was the high exposure, black & white image that popped! It felt like a close-up of a mud-clay and straw sculpture... something deeply symbolic … Continue reading Contrast & Wonder

Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

What are we looking at here: a satellite photo, a topographical survey shot from a plane, a bird's eye view of the tundra, or an up-close view of sun-bathed, small, and mossy rock? What do you want to see? That's all that matters. I found these questions and more rolling around my head as I … Continue reading Bird’s Eye View, Or Is It #2

Another Goldsworthy Perspective

Ok so I fiddled a little with the camera angles here to force a climbing feeling to the landscape. I was trying to get close to this fallen tree and capture as much texture as possible while catching the whole branch. It wasn't working out. The broken end at the base was full of textures, … Continue reading Another Goldsworthy Perspective

Day 20 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?

Is it ungrateful to ask for what you want? Wow, did I ever grab a loaded question and the answers aren't what I expected... Google it and you get some lovely lady not-so-subtly selling her services to increase traffic to your business. This is followed by many definitions of "ingratitude". Perhaps I'm being ungrateful for … Continue reading Day 20 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?