Book Review: Nugget and Fang: Friends Forever–or Snack Time? by Tammi Sauer

I feel the target is mainly preschoolers, but I’d read this one to my fellow teachers in university!

We are all deep in conversations about equality and inclusion these days and this wonderful story shows us the very important lessons about systemic racism while illustrating the beauty of true friendship.

Acceptance and love see no labels!!!

Nugget loves Dang because they are friends who share many interests and have fun together. We sense they see no differences between them. Only when Nugget goes to school and learns about what Fang is supposed to be is the Friendship threatened.

In the end, allowing each to express their strengths creates bigger friendships and a happy ending.

The illustrations speak right to my inner child and the rhythm of the vocabulary makes this story a joy to read out loud.

I feel this book deserves a lot more exposure and is an important teaching tool for us all!


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