Being at the right place at the right time: How much of life’s successes occur because of this? This was taken on a warm Spring day, near sunset and yet, it feels distinctly wintery. There’s a chill across the image that wasn’t present where I took it. The Winter wasn’t yet done with us yet, up here in Montreal, as the few small snowstorms that came after would indicate. Maybe, Old Man Frost was only hiding between the trees and his frosty haze could only be captured by the camera. Regardless, there is dead of Winter feel to this shot and if I were to use this in a movie, I’d be waiting for the zombies to start lumbering over the horizon. Funny how I don’t recall it feeling this creepy, but I do always get a strange tingle when wandering this small wood near my home. Maybe it’s the ghosts of the drunken teens that fell into the quarry just past the horizon.

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