This should be an interesting challenge… I’m just not sure I’m going to enjoy it… yet.

The teacher called it Analogous Colour Palette. We need to pick a primary colour (Red, Yellow, or Blue) and with a total of five colours, pick connected colours on the colour wheel. I chose red as my primary colour… I could have taken Yellow, Orange, Green, & Blue to make my five, but that felt too easy… HA! I’m an artistic masochist!!! We need to paint the whole thing in this lim item palette… with no white or black. Yikes!!!

So, I’m making my limited palette with: yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-red, & red. More on that next post.

The image you see here is the new still-life set-up. The teacher asked us to use the same objects as much as possible. Last week she asked me to get some sort of fabric in there. I’m not currently inspired by fabrics, but that’s also a story for another day! I rearranged them in an order to capture a large shadow… well, we shall see what I can accomplish…

Stay tuned…


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