Reminder: My palette is: Yellow, Yellow-Orange, Orange, Orange-Red, Red. That’s it!

None of my old tricks will work here… No white… No black! Yikes!!!

To complicate things, the teacher very elegantly said that we will be learning about volume, shape, then all I heard was a buzzing form of AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGG!!!! My head went into a series of “WHAT?WHAT?WHAT?WHAT?…”

Ok, so the Cadmuim Red is for the darkest places, the Cadmium Yellow for the lightest… then there’s everything in-between… Well, I dove in and while the rest of the class progressed through our communal Zoom-Studio painting together experience… with chit-chat on all things painting and many things not-painting… I painted!

I need to sleep on this, but not for long as some solutions are already brewing… I just don’t know how to describe them just yet.

PS: I need to reconfigure my lighting set-up, so the next pics will hopefully be better.

Stay tuned…


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