I’m finally finding my own way of getting through the workload of my FBRS260 class. I just have to do one thing at a time and do what I understand clearly first. The echo printing exercise seemed simple enough. Take a piece of silk habotai, scour (clean) it, lay some flowers and other organic materials on it, place another piece of fabric (I used canvas) on top, roll it tightly around a cylinder (I used a beer can), and steam it in a water-bath for about an hour. Then rinse and hang to dry.

Echo Print – Raw Materials

The colours of most of the plant material didn’t transfer at all… These are the colours that came out the most: blackthorn berries, dandelions, wild flowers… and some little blue flowers I still don’t know the name for…

The colours stained the cotton drop cloth I had on my table, so I might try this again with a sheet of cotton… if I have time…

More to come…(maybe)


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