From top to bottom, we have Turmeric, Madder, & Red Cabbage.

Each bundle contains cotton, silks, wool and in different mordants (or none at all). All the dyeing was done in cold baths and the materials were soaked overnight.

I’m not sure why I don’t have similar variety with the Turmeric as we can see with the other dyes.

There’s an additional bundle done in Turmeric currently sitting in a Madder overdue bath… I’ll pull that one out tomorrow.

The next steps on these are to play with Ph levels (alkaline and acidic baths) as well as an after-mordanting in iron water…

Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “Natural Dyes – The first trial baths…

  1. Definitely like the madder… i did something similar with cloth for my quilts. I used the red cabbage leaves and produced a faint violet. Still have not used it in a block. The process itself very satisfying. Beautiful. 😍❤️🎶

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    1. My teacher claims that the red cabbage colour fades very quickly. I made a batch and most of the it is a faint violet. The post-modifier baths brought out greens and blues… I really hope those stick. I’ll be posting those trials and more soon.
      Can you please share the link to the quilt you made, if you’ve posted it somewhere? I’d love to see it.

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