Well, it appears this challenge isn’t quite over yet. The teacher suggested I try something with more obvious contrast. I can’t remember the exact words she used, because as soon as she said it my mind went off trying to figure out how to do her suggestions… Basically, she said to make the contrasting colours bolder… well, something like that.

I chose a different palette this time as well… I just realized I also used a different set-up for the model. (Hmmm… I might have to do another…)

Starting with the one that seemed clear to me: the white against the black.

I switched to paper this time and started with what I used to call a wash, but tis time I filled the brush with Mars black and painted all the dark areas I could see. Then I gradually added other colours that matched the darkness of the image until I used the white on thew surface for the bright areas.

I might play with it a little more, but I’m liking it right now.

Stay tuned…


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