Part of the delay in picking a final composition was that I hadn’t reflected upon what I wanted to achieve or say with it. I’m still not sure what I want to say, but I know more about what I want to achieve and see in it.

I desire it to have a Wabi-Sabi aesthetic… sparse enough that it can tell the story that the viewer imports into it; Using natural tones and colours, indicating both time and timelessness; it needs to radiate its own light and break our of the darkness, while keeping the darkness as a comfortable presence.

I need to pull in the challenge I impose upon myself of adding tiny details… in this case, I feel I may be spending time perfecting the flowers, not just the purple ones, but the tiny yellow ones on the thin stems; it needs to achieve contrasts and tensions between the colours of the items, while allowing the draped fabric in the back tie it all together. I’ll have to make sure to use that background colours as subtle reflections throughout the painting… I may also change the red to a more ultramarine blue, but the moss-green-blue bowl might not be as pronounced..

It seems I have some problem solving ahead. AAHHH… that is the making process I love.

More to come…


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