Making time to do stuff is often a challenge for me. Especially if I open the TV instead of Spotify. I really had no excuse to not get this done. All the fibres and fabrics were ready. The loom was ready. My studio space was ready. My other creative projects were done.

I even had the urge to procrastinate from doing a bunch of lesson plans for another final project. And, to boot, I was dreaming about how to do this piece. You know when you are wide awake at 3:30am several nights in a row that it’s time to get the work done.

An hour or so of sewing the canvas strips, an hour or so of sewing the dye-resist fabric samples in place, then a few hours of weaving the yarn, and string, cords. Et voila! I’m done.

As usual, I’m never certain of the results, because I’ve been staring at them for many hours in a row. I need space and time away from it. It’s not helping that I haven’t a wall big enough to hang it from and take a really good picture.

These pics will have to suffice for now. As soon as the class crit is done, I’ll post all the project like a PowerPoint. I’ll find a wall for a good pic by then. Right now, I need space to step away.


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