I’d love to hear your feedback on this one… is there anything you feel need tweaking? If so, what, where, and how would you like to see the changes?

I fiddled for nearly four hours on this today (Nov 20th, 20) during my class. I’d stand back, look and dive in to add the tiniest amounts of paint with the palette knife, then stand back and… rinse and repeat… you get the picture.

I got so close for so long that I can’t see it clearly now. So, I’m going to step away and sleep on it. Your feedback is very welcome.


8 thoughts on “(Home) – Studio Painting – The Big Still-life Project – I might be done with this one…

  1. the colors used are bold and in the range of high saturation within the upper right region of a colour wheel. You could do smaller studies but limit the color to one primary and see how far you can render the object from light to dark. This exercise is like astronomy where nebulas are view with different wave lengths to see deeper. By gaining depth perspective imagined or reference, your dream might come more to life.

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    1. Interesting… I’m not sure I understand your comments.
      Is there an emotional or psychological meaning to your observation about my use of colour.
      I’ve done several paintings leading up to this one, including one using only red and yellow. (Pls see earlier posts from September) Is that what you mean by limited palette? Also, I tend to enjoy painting on larger surfaces, in you experience, what is the learning benefit of painting on small canvases?


      1. I chimed in because you wrote about uncertainty on the painting and wanted outside opinion. Yes there is certainly emotional impact to colour choice and interpretation is definitely personal to the viewer. Myself I don’t dream in color so would lean towards monochrome or tretiary coloration…color not commonly used in iconography. Painting small helps explore composition. Please be aware I may say things that are ignorant due to not knowing much about your history. And I do enjoy your painting regardless and critiques are meant to expand the art.

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      2. First, I am deeply grateful for your comments. I find it greatly enriching to get different perspectives and explanations, as they help me reflect and grow. Thank you for your comment. I think I may have to try working small and see how that changes my perspectives as well.


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