I felt I needed to do one with my glasses on, even though I feel my eyes disappear under them. I didn’t realize until painting in the outline for this, that the glasses feel so much larger than my face width. They aren’t in reality. I let my hands interpret what my mind tells them and this is how my mind sees my glasses on my face. I’d like to believe that my will was influencing the varnish to muddy and obliterate the glasses. It does reveal how frustrating wearing them can be.

Let me draw your attention to the twist in my mouth. I must be doing this unconsciously and when I imitate it I hear in my mind what it means… it’s me saying “Oh, well…” and then just working with the work. I also realize that working with certain muted colours is far less rewarding for my expressions. The green shirt, for example. It really is this tone of olive and I now see how little it works on my skin tone. I need more vibrant colours to feel alive! 

Subject: Stylized self-portraits based on selfies.

Materials: watercolour paper, dry pastels, white-tinted acrylic varnish

Dimensions: 8.5” (21.6cm) x 5.5” (14cm)

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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