RE: Painting my way through Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis.

After yesterday, I needed to let the paint dry a bit and life came in to distract me with other priorities… two mornings latter and following another sleepless night of over thinking my To Do list, I hoped on a live version of Kind Of Blue.

Live music introduces even more improvisations and in the case of this recording, it blended songs in a fashion only Miles can master. Ok, so today we are all familiar with Mash-Ups, but this was where my focus was when I heard the additional solos enter the composition…

Through and over the original composition I heard a musical dual fly. Two brass instruments, tight, clear and packed with passion. A lavender dream rising from the depths of the musician’s soul, illuminating the band in a flash of sound and immediately receding, leaving only the trace of its existence on our retinas and ears.

Its challenger, fired a passionate charge across the brown of this musical vessel and cut every other sound to shreds, before diminishing into the future with a warning: “I’ll be waiting for you when you catch up.”

In my vision, I still see one more note to tie it all together… it floats over it all and delivers the signature defining the composer. Perhaps it will show up in this recording… perhaps in another… for now, other distractions need my attention…

Stay tuned…


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