Butterfly Garden – Adapting as we go. The seeds were planted a couple of weeks ago and a little growth has sprouted. Granted I’m impatient, but I think some stuff just won’t grow, so I’m adapting as I go.

Little flowers have been sprouting up all over my property, so I’m transplanting them as gently as I can into the Butterfly patch. I realize that various varieties of daisies are all over the place in my area, so I might try to collect more in the public spaces and around buildings (not homes).

I also spent two full days raking gravel-dirt and pulling out rocks to prepare the ground for new grass seed, I wish I could find a better source for large volumes of clover seed, instead of grass. That would allow me to cut back on environmentally unfriendly cutting and watering, and I’d get pollinator friendly clover flowers. I’ve even considered the possibility of mossing the whole lawn, but I might have too much sun for that to work.

We just had a massive rainfall and I hope it will give everything a push to grow in this heatwave. I’ll keep posting updates periodically.

Stay tuned…


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