I finished this well over a week ago, but wasn’t sure of the sky. I finally moved it out of my studio onto a sunlit wall and I like it… I think.

To be honest, I’m often unsure if I stop because something is finished, or if because I have other ideas screaming in my head to get started! Either way, I’ve decided to let this one be… for now.

I originally had the sky a more vibrant, lemon yellow and it was glossy. The figure contrasted nicely with the colour, but still didn’t stand forward enough for my liking. I had a jar of toned down yellow-white that was mixed with a matte glaze medium and decided to take the leap and try it. I feel it pulled the figure forward. I believe one of my painting mentors might say it’s a little too muted, but I have to go with what I like at some point.

Funny thing about the observations of others; they seldom match my vision. So, I need to accept that not everyone will get what I’m expressing and let that be. Some people get it and feel it. More enjoyable is the fact that occasionally, a viewer sees something I couldn’t put into words. I live for those comments, even when they initially cause some self-doubt. I’ve learned to listen and consider the comments, before jumping to conclusions. I also give myself permission to ask for clarifications. The ensuing dialogue is often so very enriching!

Acrylic on canvas (over paint on an old oil painting)

30″ x 30″ x 2″ (~75cm x 75cm x 5cm)

Please message me if interested in purchase or print options.

Or see Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com 


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