While I feel the window that separates the halves of the composition turned out remarkably well, I realize that it completely restated the figure. Is he inside a room, or outside one? What kind of space is he sitting in? Do I need to continue the glass across the back of the composition to further separate the top and bottom halves?

So many questions to explore… at least I feel good that I know from where my light source is originating. The facial skin still needs some tonal tweaking… I need to bring in some green from the upper part of the painting. The skirt needs more sculpting and the whole ochre-ishness behind the seated figure is still a little off… well, it appears so up close… to me.

I feel strongly that it needs more and thicker paint in various areas. time to bring it up into the sun and see what natural light tells me to do.

The canvas is 75cm x 75cm and it still feels too small! If anyone wants to offer me a massive surface and space to paint in, I’ll be very happy to do it.

Stay tuned…


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