My Decision was made; I would leave the job early and get the weight of my To Do lists off my head; I would start preparing for my new school year of teaching and other adventures; I would move on.

The bird figure is weary with the weight of decisions and tasks to yet complete, but the future feels bright… back to being active and getting stuff done always feels great! The figure finally realizes its physical and very real ability to move forward. You see it here starting g to raise its head and straighten up… the strength of will and purpose coming back.

The surface was thick with watercolour paint and needed the depth a layer of pastels could offer.

Materials: Watercolour & oil Pastel on 140 lbs. cotton paper.

Dimensions: 12” (30cm) x 9” (22.9cm)

Original: $25

Prints and more available at Arts MPerron @


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