I’ve been dabbling on the skin for days… a touch of pink and green, then I’m stumped by dissatisfaction… It doesn’t work with the sky and I need to see how to make it work!

The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster with life events and family matters… I needed to let go and do something just for me! I needed to paint!!!

I poured myself a nice bourbon on ice and let my mind sole my colour issues as best I could… as the buzz set in, I was looking for the perfect music to listen to… it turns out I needed the Scorpions! It all came together and my brush found the colours without thinking. I just let it develop, knowing I could always change it.

Siennas replaced greens; parchment and orange tinted the pinks; several reds started to appear in little spaces.

I wanted to avoid contours, but it turns out I am resisting my own aesthetic, so I stopped and allowed my burnt umber and Payne’s Grey to do their jobs.

I’m not sure it’s finished yet, but I drained my glass and feel the time is right to let it sit a little. Let’s see where it goes next…

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Pablo Picasso isn’t an Asshole – A Whiskey Burst of activity

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