Because I’ve been pre-posting these entries while I do other projects, they appear daily, but my progress isn’t daily… in fact, I’ve been staring at the figure doe a few days trying to decide on how I want to approach the skin-tones…

My gut is telling me to play the green-pink contrast and then add in Burnt Sienna to create shadows and volume, and finish with some off-whites for highlights… As you see it now, I am dissatisfied with the thickness of the paint, ssh I’ll probably add more. I blended the Chromium green with a Parchment white; a bright Pink with the same Parchment white to get this pink. I may blend there colours some more for more realism, but I may also deviate further and put in bold colour blocks to emphasizes shadows and shapes on the skin.

As I write this, I’m already a full day deep in contemplation on what the skin needs to look like. I think I need to meditate on my intention for the self-expression. Well, at least you can see how the sea and beachfront looks.

Stay tuned…


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