I can authentically say that I continually develop & increase my skills to become the best teacher I can.

Every new course, seminar, certificate, and/or diploma helpmeet me combat my self-described imposter syndrome. This last giant volley of learning has served to do much more… it has given me multi-perspective revisions of what I have learned and practiced for years, as well as new ways (tools, media, and methods) to deliver effective lessons for my students.

I specifically took TEFL for two initial reasons: 1 – I want to teach abroad and knew having this certificate under my belt would increase my chances for working. That foot in the door allows me to offer all my other skills and teaching possibilities. 2 – I’m always looking for methods to teach more inclusively and with greater cultural sensitivity.

TEFL demands an increased dedication to being aware of my students’ life experiences: culturally, linguistically, emotionally. For those of you who read me regularly, you know I am really curious about almost everything and thrive on learning, especially about cultures and how our individualities are developed and connected. This course was so much more than just teaching language, even though that is a core expression of our individual cultures. It is about communication and making connections. It is about becoming a co-learner with our students and enjoying the process of discovering understandings of the every growing global community we all share.

I’m so proud I completed this challenge and look forward to where I can share the increased love of learning it gave me.


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