In my frantic browsing on Pinterest, I often swipe past art that comes back to me later because of some unsuspected trigger. This is the case for a bunch of amorphous forms I’ve drawn… maybe the large block of colour behind them reminds me of Mark Rothko’s fields of colour, where my imagination wanders in a peaceful state… waiting for something to happen, or for some figure to emerge. Because I choose to see Rothko’s painting while squinting my eyes, they are permanently hazy in my memory… this adds to the stories I create for them in my head. I often imagine some figure coming out from the fog, backlit to only permit me seeing an outline. I feel this is the possible Origine for these drawings… Also, I feel abstraction permits the viewer, if and when they are interested, to create their own narratives for my work.

What narrative are you creating for this one?

More to come…


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