Drawn after “Age is a Mindset”, as a result of reflecting on why I wanted to have long hair on these self-portraits. n my early twenties, my hair was very long and sleeked back behind my ears… like many middle-aged men, I selectively pick the joys of my earlier life to reminisce upon and portray what I want to regain at my current age. Even this face is looking back to other times… As I practice allowing my gut, my instincts, my unconscious mind compose certain details and choices, I console that I have spent an inordinate portion of my life looking backwards to imagined happiness… I am very grateful for this realization and continue to work on being in the now and looking forward. Now, less of the meta-me and more of the aesthetics of this piece…

The style is what I think of as minimo-cubist, the colours are entirely placed to build impact: bright blue (with a hint of green) against the pink background, and the golden-yellow skin against brown hair, all drive contrasts that appeal to me. The choice of sepia-ish tones for the face feels very subtle and that subtlety evaporates against the dramatic brightness of all the other colours, as if elevated out of its normal emotional tonality. I have to play more with this idea… at least, so I can better. explain why it appeals to me.

More to come…


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