Last Fall during my internship, I was sent an email about Professional Development courses offered to teachers who wish to improve their skills. As a student teacher, I did not have access to some really meaty ones I wanted. After the semester, I responded to one of the LinkedIn invitations to activate my Free trial and access some online courses… for FREE! I took it! Over the next month I’ll share a few I’be been taking in my spare time…

Building Self-Confidence was designed for management candidates, but it gives clear, psychological fundamentals related to building self-confidence in your target audience. In my case, I framed every lesson as it would relate to my students. Whether considering Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs or the educational extrapolation: Bloom’s Taxonomy of learning, it is clear that we learn best when certain basic needs are satisfied: Security: being in a space we feel safe to experiment, learn and express ourselves nurtures growth; Self-esteem: having achievable incremental successes (micro-goals) motivates us to move forward (final objective of life-long learning). The core values, as they apply to classrooms, is to create learning situations that empower the students to continuously learn more. Build their self-confidence and you contribute to self-determination.

Corse Description: “Confidence is crucial to personal and professional success. People who aren’t confident tend to miss out on new challenges, relationships, and opportunities. The good news is self-confidence is self-perpetuating; once you develop it, confidence can buoy you from one situation to the next. In this course, author and educator Dr. Todd Dewett shares simple and practical techniques to build and maintain self-confidence. In chapter one, he teaches you how to own the situation, embrace your imperfections, and take action to move forward. In chapter two, you can learn how to sustain your confidence, interaction after interaction, by aligning with the right people, maintaining a positive perspective, and putting together a plan.”


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