Day 15 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?

Um, what next? Reciprocation and/or Paying Forward? The answer, according to this article published by The Community Roundtable is community. If the event that stimulates gratitude is either external or internal, we can show our gratitude by giving something back or sharing the joy forward. Both of these nurture community. Well, at least with those … Continue reading Day 15 – What Does Gratitude Feel Like To You?


I saw a little old lady

I saw a little old lady She walked by me on her way To the ashtray she picked up She turned and smiled A greater smile When I smiled at her In that instant we spoke Our eyes spoke the truth Of simple pleasures That bring the most contentment. by M. Perron (Originally written January … Continue reading I saw a little old lady

Odds & Ends – Faith & Happiness

I can remind you to have faith in your goals, your plans, your process, and your progress, but what are some of the keys to developing faith? You could reflect on the most rewarding moments of your life, write down as much details about those experiences: the senses and feelings, the thoughts, the details. You … Continue reading Odds & Ends – Faith & Happiness