from Day 9, June 19th, 2017

Imagualization – Celebrating the victory first

This is a combination of visualization, guided meditation, and superconscious hypnosis.

  • The visualization part comes from the questions asked, usually based on previous conversations with the subject. The guide asks to start with asking you to imagine a moment of success you want to come to pass. To put yourself in that moment in your mind. You, the subject can say anything, but the more detailed the description of the scene the better you will be able to feel it. Describe sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings about the scene.

The first question may sound something like this: Choose any environment you want. You have accomplished all you have wanted to. (You could also set-up a more pointed scene here like “You are celebrating a great accomplishment.) Tell me what you see, hear and feel.”

Here’s the essence of my answer:

I’m in a place of comfort and joy, surrounded by familiar faces.

They are there because of me, and each has come to share their own, unique reasons for celebrating my accomplishment with me.

They are sharing what I have taught them and how I guided them to a greater self-understanding.

They are sharing their own pride in me.

They are sharing with me and each other the pride they are witnessing others have in me.

I’m feeling deep joyfulness from all this reaction.

People ask what inspired me and I happily share all of it.

I accept this is about me and let my inner voices debate that it’s ok that it is.

I have no concerns about money, or what’s next. The abundance of the universe surrounds me and I feel completely at the moment.

I am so full of joy that I seek no additional reward or relaxation, but indulge in a nice whiskey at the end of the evening with those close by.

I feel at this step I’m excited to move again.

The second question goes deeper. It requires you to be an observer people’s interaction around and about you. You could ask something similar to: People are talking about you, what tickles you the most in what you hear?

The essence of my answer is:

I’m hearing genuine, authentic, and honest comments on how my accomplishment gave them an aha moment and/or changed them in a personal way. There are compliments and emotional reviews. It’s mostly about the feelings.

I am very amused at hearing my name connected to this accomplishment and I remind myself to accept it.

I accept it with feelings of great gratitude and love.

I want to reach many more people and win the debate the imposter voice about why. I want more people to be helped and I also want to inspire more people. The desire to inspire is a feeling of motivation and joy.

I am sharing myself. I am being what I teach. I am convinced I’m inspiring by being what I teach.

People ask questions about how, and I hear myself replying with questions. I am a guide, not a guru. I help them see themselves.

The third question jumps a generation into the future, where the children of those who were inspired by your accomplishment are now talking about you. What do you see, hear and feel?

The essence of my is:

I have built a bridge through time and I am part of the universal flow of knowledge. The children have their own guides to get excited about and they share those teaching with their parents. The parents share my name as one of the influences on their guides.

The forth question asked you to be in the future and look back to the time of your accomplishment. Is asks: what does all this mean to you as you look back?

My answer is summed up as follows:

I have proven hope is a shareable concept.

You can’t feel success without the beautiful feelings of gratitude.

Everything I have shared has brought me much happiness.

Everything I give, motivates me to give more, because it always rewards me with more.

Giving puts me in the flow. Release puts me in the flow.

Being in the flow releases any desire to stop, and it relieves me of any stress to more forward.

Being in the flow, you are always in the moment and always sensing the joy of the moment.

The decision to give is nice, but the act of giving is explosive. That act if the big bang. It expands out into the universe and fuels the flow all around you. You become part of everything in the giving.

The final question, was to bring you back to the present as both the observer and being with the abundance of feelings you just experienced in the imagualization process. The question is simply: Who is this YOU?

My answer was a state of being and sounded like this:

I am a green light several inches from my face, entered on a point between my eyes and all around me simultaneously. I am both the focal point and the breathing, expanding, and contracting source of green-yellow energy.

I am not my body, but my energy or soul playing with matter. I am everywhere. I am happy.

At this point, we could let the subject enjoy these feelings, debrief them by letting them consciously express how they feel, discuss any questions. Berel was inspired to ask one of his homework questions right away and it paid off. He asked: What is your takeaway? (By the way, this is a question we’ve gotten into the habit of asking each other after the session and it reveals a deep sharing between the guide and their client.

With my eyes & conscience open, I answered along these lines:

I am part of everything, always growing, always flowing. I would like to keep this feeling undiluted and not follow my usual pattern of asking why or how.

I have found a focal point of pure feeling for my meditations and future visualization.

I have experienced and retained the feeling of a peak experience.


Celebrating the victory first and then going beyond it to imagine and feel the effects of your accomplishments, takes visualization into a state of being and feeling. That feeling becomes part of you and connects you to now. In the practice of The Secret, this gift becomes deeply valuable. Imagualization is the active visualization of your emotional imagination.


We are going deeper still next week. Don’t miss it.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey. Please share your thoughts, feelings, and questions about it here in my comments.

If you like what you are reading, please support this project with any donation. It is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “The 9th Step on The Ladder of Awareness

  1. Mario, I like how you let yourself dive deep into your thoughts and emotions. It is a total pleasure working with you.
    Berel Weiner
    Inspire elevate and expand!


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