The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Wow, I thought his New Earth changed me; Now brought the practice of presence home.
I’m not sure how to evaluate this book. I believe it’s meant to come to the reader when they are ready for it. I can only tell you that right now, I love this book. Right now, it is full of logic and practical applications to enjoying each moment more fully, to letting go of negative emotions, of finding clarity, and for cutting the bonds that prevent our progress.
This is truly a self-help book, in that it will talk to you about you only. Only you can listen to what it says about you. Only You will or won’t benefit from it.

Would I recommend this book for everyone? Absolutely not!

Tolle’s writing voice is clear and calm. It can speak to both your intellect and heart if you are ready to hear it.
If you are not, you will probably dismiss the message as being vague, imprecise, and unrelated to your thoughts. And it’s possible that for You, that is the case.
I would sincerely like to recommend this to everyone on their journey to happiness, self-worth, and inner peace, but please let it come to you when you feel ready for it. When it does, don’t force it or resist it, just listen to yourself while you read it.
I hope you enjoy it.
Blessings and good reading.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle (Monday’s Movers)

      1. I read it when I first started my meditation and mindfulness practice about 15 years ago, and it really helped me understand staying in the present. Every now and then I’ll go back and read Practicing The Power of Now, in fact maybe I’ll look it over today. I could use it!! 😊


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