According the fine folks at WP, I’ve been blogging daily for over two years, 526 days straight, in fact, without missing a single day. Now, I don’t know if that’s a big deal in the blogging world, but it feels damn impressive to myself. So, along with the message of my up until now unbroken streak comes the realization that I haven’t started on any new series or phases of art, design, etc themes. As of right now, I have no new articles ready to post and my streak could break. Am I anxious about this? Well, yes, a little. Not because I have nothing to write about, but because I have so many different projects in development, that I’m not sure where to start or focus my energies.

#ONE – The Furniture Design and Refinishing

Found – Boutique D’Art et Décor is growing and there are many, many new pieces in the works. I hoped to post them up in groups of five, one week a month, but it’s looking right now that I will have to settle for one new piece a week, if possible. The reason being more and more pieces are being brought into our workshop and we are now having to spread our time between picking them up and storing them safely, and doing the actual finishing work on them. Don’t get me wrong, I AM NOT COMPLAINING! This is the problem I was asking for: loads of awesome quality pieces to work on so this could become my permanent gig. So many people have beautiful pieces of well loved furniture they can no longer live with and I am determined to put all the creative TLC I can into them and find them new loving homes.


#TWO – The Artists Way 12 Week Intensive Program

I’ve managed to do my Morning pages every day, but haven’t yet set aside time for my Artist Date. I’ve used this excuse to not read into the book deeper. Granted it’s been a very busy social planning week for various family/friend events. I’m going to do this, folks. Feel free to keep me accountable to it! Wink, wink.

#THREE – Letting The World Know I’m Looking For Regular Work Again

I’ve been working as an independent business owner for over 8 years now and I really miss working as part of a team. The creativity that comes from brainstorming with  others with a common goal fuels my tank. I want to work with a team again. Then this happened to add another option to consider. My amazing Sisters & Brother-In-Law got my full attention yesterday as they very lovingly encouraged me to go back into teaching again. I have always enjoyed teaching and just felt the process to getting my next level degree would be out of reach at the times I’ve thought about it, so I didn’t prioritize the possibility. Now, my sister, also a teacher, tells me there is need and the timing might be great to get back in the classroom as a Substitute teacher. So this week she will be looking into that through her connections and we will move this idea forward too. To tell you the truth, I have been contemplating the possibility of working in a hardware store mainly because I geek out on them and, well, I’m using all the stuff I’ve learned in the many years of having to be my own handy man, as well the amazing stuff I learned in my early years of building maintenance at Bell Canada. Either way, it will be an interesting and enjoyable week for new income.

#Four – Selling All My Art Work When I Know I Love My Creative Children Too Much To Let Them Go.

I’ve recently updated my website: Arts M.Perron with the goal of improving the ease to buyers. In the process of going through the nearly 600 images, I realized I still have hundreds of works at home and had to ask myself why? The answer only briefly came back  that my work wasn’t good enough to sell. I didn’t indulge this thought for long and the universe sent me compliments on my work through my LinkedIn network. And yes, the negative self-talk really is counterproductive, so feel free to let your logical mind take over and tear it to shreds! The fact is it feel a little overwhelming to make the strong push of promoting my artworks on the many new outlets available to sell them. I know it needs to get done and I am writing my list to get this done, but why am I not prioritizing this? The answer is not one I thought of until I read about it in The Artist Way by Julia Cameron and again in several posts that came to my Instagram & Pinterest feeds; I am not ready to sell my children. I have the common artist dilemma of what pricing is good for my work. I have yet to own the pricing on many pieces and it’s because I don’t want to sell many of my pieces. I painted them for myself and love them. Does that mean I wouldn’t sell them, if the right price comes along? Frankly, I’m not sure. Some are priceless to me. My long-passe Nono’s voice fills my heart and mind with: “Piano, piano, Mario. It all happens when it should. You’ll know the right buyers by how they react to your work and want them to take it home.” So, that’s what I’ll do. Little, by little I’ll let them go.


Until tomorrow, we shall see what the muses whisper in my ears: Impulsive writings, daily musings, or a new long term journey for you, my loyal and loving followers can enjoy. Either way, I am deeply grateful for all you continued support, advice, and friendship. Isn’t life tremendous?!?


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