Montreal (Quebec, Canada) has some very interesting architecture, but almost every city in the world can say that with subjective ease. What makes the architecture of Montreal so interesting is how it is combined: the old and the new create layers of emotional design that open doors to the rich and often turbulent history of one of North-America’s oldest cities. We wear our history well and sometimes it surprises me how and where it shows up.

The construction boom has some people calling us the orange cone capitol of the world, but it also reveals hidden treasures and juxtapositions that one might not ever see, if the roads weren’t constantly changing and blocked for repairs and new construction. The one way streets also allow walkers to experience the city from a very different perspective. This shot was taken while walking down Bishop street, after leaving the Musée Des Beaux Arts on Sherbrooke. We see a commissioned mural honouring Leonard Cohen over the Victorian rooftops, with new high-rises in the background, and what may be a spontaneous mural on a smaller building in thew mid-ground.

In one picture we see how Montreal manages to show a multitude of styles and isms in one portrait. This is an homage to the cities long history of art.

The editing play on cropping and sky colours may be more whimsical than I want to admit, but I often see out city in different ways where I focus on certain colours I see on the murals, so I wanted to share some of the moods I captured. I leave the moods you feel up to you and invite yo yo share them with me if you please.

A Very Yellow MTL
A Very Red MTL
A Very Green MTL
A Very Pink MTL

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5 thoughts on “Very, Very Montreal

    1. I’ve lived here most of my life and experienced the ups and downs of the Province, but I am continually amazed by aesthetic things in Montreal, especially the architecture. There’s so much beauty here and more importantly there’s a possibility to always see it differently. I love Montreal.

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      1. “…the aesthetic’ things in Montreal, especially the architecture.” So true! And it’s crazy how it’s missing from cities like Calgary for example. Enjoy Montreal.

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      2. Hi Kat, I used to just chalk the diversity up to the age of the city, but I recently learned that most of it comes from competing European influences and art movements of the last 150 years or so. Wrap that into a far more complex and anthropologically fascinating cultural mosaic of highly individualistic identities and you can start to scratch the surface of why it’s such an interesting place to see.

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      3. Yes! I completely agree! Something sadly missing from not as old cities, like..Calgary. Where they opted to destroy beautiful 2 or 3 story historical buildings, to add more to the condo jungle.

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