Someone managed to cart and toss this enormous stump next to a local walking path and no one seems interested in moving it. It’s been there for a few years now and I see it every time I walk the path, and every time I stop and ponder it. I don’t really know what is drawing my attention to it. I keep looking for faces or patterns in it that might tell an interesting story. I’ve taken dozens of pictures of it and cropped them in all sorts of ways, but still haven’t quite honed in on the image it reminds me of… until now. In black and white, with a lowered contrast, the skin is almost elephantine. There’s at least one small, mouth and eye, and the start of prehistoric horns or tusks… It looks to me like the monsters we see so much lately in movies like Godzilla or as far back to Willow. I don’t know for sure what I see, I only know I’m fascinated by this stump, and those who know me, know I really enjoy being fascinated.

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