This past year at school has brought up a lot of images of the work fo Andy Goldsworthy. I originally thought of him as a landscape artist and installation artist. I thought his work was cool, but that was all. As he was discussed more in different classes as an example of how to see the world differently, how to make meaningful art, how to use sustainable and impermanent materials, and how to work with a truly organic palette. I fell in love with his work and feel increasingly grateful every time something reminds me of his perspectives.

I think I’ve always noticed these inspiring organics around me, but never really had a voice to explain why I loved the aesthetic. It comes close to wabi-sabi, but now much more. In fact, thanks to learning about Goldsworthy and his work, I now have a deeper appreciation for his work, Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, and the glorious art of Mother Nature.

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