Book Recommendation & Review: How To Be An Explorer Of The World – Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith

First off, Please, please, please get a copy (or ten) of this book right now!!! I simply can’t image you regreting it!

There is no spoon feeding here, it is a book dedicated to discovery, from a deeply fascinated child’s point of view. I have to warn you, if you think you’r inner child is long gone, get ready for it to come giggling back with sticky hands, messy hair full of twigs, filthy clothes, and smiles so contagious that everyone will still with you and demand to know what it’s found!

Keri brings us on a scavenger hunt into worlds of play and discovery. It is very easy for me, a teacher, to forget that I am learning about vocabulary, maths, science, engineering, history, and so much more. Reading this book, I imagined my childhood education could easily take place in jungle trees.

Why am I so enthusiastic and grateful to have experienced this book?!? It is dedicated to inspiring curiosity! It is dedicated to fostering a life-long love of learning! It made me re-see the world with my inner child’s eyes. It filled me with wonder and joy!

This is now a prominent fixture in my classroom library. I hope it will become one in yours!


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