Online course review: Teach Art To Others by David Miller

Overall, this is a very motivational course. I’m currently doing another university degree in Art Education and this would make for an excellent introductory video to give teachers in training. I can see it opening great discussion and questions for practical examples.
As I am taking various studio art classes as well, I can tell you that I’d love the university to insist that all teachers watch this and follow the basics about rationale at the very least. Being an artist doesn’t mean you can teach. That is a separate skill that needs to be developed.
This course gives anyone interested in teaching the scaffolding upon which to build those skills.
I’ve already recommended it to my classmates and to my mentor, to share with others.

The examples and explanations regarding materials are wonderful. I really appreciated the rationale for using the easier to erase pencil to start the process. On that topic, the most appreciated lesson you expressed was about teaching the joy of the process over the completion of the product. My value proposition as an educator is to always aim to teach a love of learning… then curiosity kicks in and the learner aims to improve themselves.

I have a recommendation: edit the length of the longer sections… hone in on the main points you want to cover in them and consider breaking them into subsections with actionable steps & practical examples. Consider that you are training future teachers, more than artists who want to earn extra cash teaching, so you can elaborate more of the learners, their expectations, and their learning styles.

Disclaimer: I get no kickbacks from Skillshare and I don’t work for them. I have been taking advantage of their Free trial period and enjoying many courses like this one. I’m simply thinking out loud about what I get from them.


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