Imagine the lush greens, modulating hues and tones with the sunlight that hits them through the canopy. Imagine the wind twisting the leaves in all directions and showing the natural colour changes in each leaf. Imagine how the underbelly of each maple leaf has a silvery iridescence that reflects even more colour changes. Imagine the myriad of grey tones appearing and disappearing on the trees in every stage of their lives and deaths. Can you still see it all in this monochrome landscape? I can, or at least, I think I can.

I’ve got the saturation to full but dropped the vibrancy. The detail level is as you see it. All my other filters are muted and the exposure is untouched. I still feel all the greens and grays. Do you?

There are peace and a tension in this composition. Both come from a mystery of being uncertain as to what we are looking at. Was there something in that pool of sunlight just before the image was taken? Was that pool of light visible to the naked eye? Is there still something hiding in the shadows? The possibility for all these things exists and you can find whatever your imagination will allow you to see… just look deeper.

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