I recently renewed my Amazon Prime annual membership. I was using it sporadically for certain school needs last year, because I saw the savings in shipping and when I needed rush deliveries. I didn’t have much time to look deeper into what my membership covered. When the renewal notice came, I decided to review what the membership really covered.

Free and rush shipping savings, of course.

FREE Amazon Prime Video! This is very welcome these days during the pandemic, but it also gives me worry free access to some absolutely amazing documentaries that I use for mt teaching practice and to fuel my creativity.

Prime readers read for FREE! Hundreds of free books to read and I almost immediately found a bunch of books that were recommended to me as great teaching tools for kids on the subject of inclusion, imagination, and self-esteem. I also geeked out on grabbing a load of graphic novels on philosophy and science… more great teaching tools to have fun with!

FREE Prime Music – commercial free and incredibly curated! Now my daily walks are even better as I geek out on all sorts of new tunes!

They have a 2-FREE-Listens on Audible gift as well. Right now Audible is allowing a free month as well.

I think it’s worth every penny and look forward to a great year with them!


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