Following a very light and loose line drawing on the watercolour paper, I pick my large surface colours. It occurs to me that I’ve forgotten how I pick them and why I choose one over another… is it to approximate the colours of the model? Is it for some deeper aesthetic reason? I’ve stopped reflecting and gone straight to instinct.

Perhaps this is a form of muscle memory… my gut just feels the colours I want. I have my favourite stable of colours… usually bought in larger tubs. I find myself returning to them and having no desire at all to mix variations of them. Well, that answers one question that popped into my head: I’m choosing my palette based on the colours that please me the most, not just because I have lots of it… which, by the way, is a thing I hear myself think when selecting the colours… “use these, because we have lots of them”. In reality, when I go for more colours, I seldom deviate from my favourites. Hey, that’s a good reflection, don’t you think?

Stay tuned for the next step… hint: I did it more subtly than usual.

The model

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