Stuck in the house most of the time and wearing hats going out for groceries and such, I just don’t have anyone to impress with well-combed hair. My hair is nowhere as crazy-cool as Tom Waits’, but it has some freedom to it. I took an old profile picture to paint from with this and realigned the gaze of my eyes to be facing the viewer head-on. The green tint to the hair was an interpretation of the light in the photo, but I think I like it enough that I might just do it in real life.

Is it possible to be too old for such silliness?

Subject: Stylized self-portraits based on photos.

Materials: watercolour paper, charcoal, gouache, white-tinted acrylic varnish

Dimensions: 15” (38cm) x 11” (28cm)

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


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