In preparation for an upcoming challenge to paint a self-portrait as “the artist”… yes, that’s the entire description of the challenge… to paint myself as “the artists”. We were given no other direct hints, but we were given an introductory challenge: paint a self-portrait in the style of a specific artist, or paint a favourite portrait of a specific artist in my own style. I’ve got to get my head around this a little tighter and decided to start outside the box. I went on Pinterest and found a ton of portraits painted in all sorts of styles. I’m aiming to do them in ways I’ve not done before.

I landed on a small collection of portraits and still-life paintings by Anastasiya Kimchenco. I’ve seen similar work before and it is very close to what the Fauvists do, but there is something special in the way she glops on the paint. I love it!

In her work, the initial sketch lines are almost completely covered with paint, but I love the hint of the unfinished and the muddiness left by the charcoal dust, so I left the lines more visible. I want to do many more like this, so stay tuned and let me know what you think about it.

Dimension: 15” (38cm) x 11” (28cm)

Materials: Acrylic on paper

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


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