I’m really, really loving this style of painting. My brushes are thick with paint and I’m smearing it all over the canvas. It’s loose and free; it’s messy and cathartic! Where I usually paint one layer at a time, let it dry, and then struggle to add loads of thin build-up layers, this is working wet-on-wet… AND IT’S A GLORIOUS MESS OF EXPRESSIVENESS!!! I have no choice but to rely on my instincts in painting this and work with happy mistakes. A feeling of pure bliss washes over me as I’m doing it. As an additional bonus, when I sit back to look at it, I’m not looking at it technically; I’m feeling it! Then I go back in and add more feeling to it. DID I TELL YOU I’M LOVING THIS NEW (to me) METHOD OF PAINTING??? I DO!!!

Thank you yo the amazing David Park for his emotional figure and portrait work. It truly inspires me!

I started this one with the white gesso background and immediately got too impatient to let it dry. When it was dry, the impatience to load on the paint continued and I covered the background with my own mix of yellow ochre, unbleached white, and a hint of canary yellow. Then came the reds and Payne’s Grey (my new favourite colour, hands down!). I let the basic outlines live overnight and dreamt of what would be next. The rest was all wet on wet and loads of fun!

Dimension: 30” (60cm) x 12” (30cm)

Materials: Acrylic on recycled canvas


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