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I’m still paying with style and ideas from David Park’s work. I’ve decided to walk out of my comfort zone step-by-step and close off the inspiration images while painting. It helps me see the composition differently when I let it get coloured by memory and imagination. The original inspiration was a woman in a hat, waiting next to a schoolboy full of people looking in all directions. I tried to keep the hat and in earlier versions, the hat is still visible, but I really disliked it. It was demotivating me to continue, so I removed it and the rest came easier.

I also think this is somewhat of a self-portrait, as it feels like me, just without my glasses. Why am I staring at you so intently? I think I’m trying desperately to catch your attention and to be acknowledged. I finished this on an early Spring-like day and felt happy all day. I think that is where my slight smile came from. My painter colleagues tell me that I always have a friendly smirk on my face. The choice of an orange coat against a yellow background (wall) was a difficult risk to me. I wasn’t sure it would work or give enough contrast. Up until the point of adding in the outlines, I remained uncertain and impatient. A few time I almost changed the whole background to a darker colour (blue or green), and even considered painting in reddish bricks with grey mortar. I’m glad I didn’t; I’m really enjoying this one.

Materials: Acrylic on reclaimed (overpainted) canvas

Dimensions: 24” (60cm) x 12” (30cm)

Prints & more available at Arts MPerron @


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