I’m not sure where I lost track of what I was doing in this one. I saw the possible flaws I wanted to correct and even felt I knew what to do to correct them, but as soon as I started tom paint them in, I hesitated and overthought the process. I just kept blending in timid changes. This, I feel slowed me down considerably.

I got some parts close to how I wanted. For example, the white on the faces felt right, but the many layers beneath it, perhaps only visible in my memory, didn’t. The shirts are all wrong. Why did I style them all there same?

This is where I needed to stop. I feel I can do better and I need to live with this one for a bit. I’ve hung it in a place where it can. get sunlight because I really liked how the sun picked up the subtle layering, but I need to leave it live awhile before deciding what to do with it.

At least I got in the self-portrait I was thinking about… look in the background where the farthest figure is standing… he’s wearing glasses: that’s me. My thought was that as an artists, I’m always watching what is in front of me and imagining what it might look like. I painted these faces in different shapes, related to some of the drawings I’ve done in the last two years.

I’ll move onto my next one soon… Stay tuned…

Materials: Acrylic on reclaimed (overpainted) canvas 

Dimensions: 30” (76.2cm) x 30” (76.2cm)


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