Seriously though, I had no idea how much the hair would change the composition. You really need to go back to yesterday’s post and compare the images. (I’ll put them side-by-side below).

I was plowing on loads of paint to diversify and enrich the volumes of the different bodies and I knew I’d have to jump onto the faces eventually. The paint is thick and needs to dry a little before I add more volume and contour to the figures, so I decided to take a chance and add hair to one of the heads. Eureka! That’s what was missing in taking-away the illustrative-cartoonish feel that was bothering me… well, in almost all the faces.

Once I took the photo you see here, I realized that I need to work on widening some of the necks, and squaring and shining some of the faces. I still need to put more paint on the shirts too… I don’t like the Superman look of the most for fronted figure.

And, there’s still the question of were my self-portrait is hiding. Am I all of these faces? Am I only one? If and when I add my glasses, where should they go? Should I take a leap and add some stencilled letters in the composition? You know, to get people talking and asking questions. It might bow interesting, but I’m not sure. I might try and see, since I am certain I haven’t finished the background either.

Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “A Crowd of Me – Four – Who Knew Hair Was So Transformative?

  1. This is FABULOUS! I love how you take us through your process. It is so eye-opening. You have inspired me to write about my own artistic process and how I translate what I do when I teach my students. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I started to do it with an intention of being an authentic teacher for my students. Allowing others to see that the process isn’t about perfection, but about discovery. I am very grateful for your comments, as I often wonder if I’m reaching anyone. I am looking forward to reading about your process!


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