We all have choices to make and the hardest is often how we choose to react to our circumstances. I was so frustrated with boredom that I became unaware of how I was emoting that black cloud of frustration. I was generating my own shadow of negativity wherever I went and getting even more resentful that others didn’t feel the same way. Eventually they did get frustrated, but not at what I was reacting to… they were frustrated with my negativity and one of them let me know it! Not so much a humbling experience as it was a great reminder that I made the choice of how to react to situations. That is the only power I have over reality. So, I swallowed my pride and decided to let the team leader lead. It was so much less frustrating to just go with the flow. My mood improved and I let my mind wander to artwork.

The watercolour pucks I used were very like gouache and I started mixing my colours right onto the white puck… it gave me a more textured result… I’m loving there texture of this thick paper, so I used oil pastels to emphasize it.

Materials: Watercolour & oil Pastel on 140 lbs. cotton paper.

Dimensions: 12” (30cm) x 9” (22.9cm)

Original: $25

Prints and more available at Arts MPerron @ https://1-mario-perron.pixels.com


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