Trepidation – Music-book Doodles 2022

While my cats don't really make this face, I may have combined the more expressive eye-mouth combination from my puppy into the expression on this cat. The body posture however, is exactly how my cats react... If you have cats, you know: it's that moment you catch them while they have contorted themselves while cleaning … Continue reading Trepidation – Music-book Doodles 2022


Bad Birds Four – Making The Best Of Waking On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

A really bad night sleep; bored to death at work; sore back; literally looking for things to complain about; ran out of watercolour paper while still having ideas to get down on it; just really grumpy! As I sat there looking at the thick, grey cardboard back from my watercolour pad, knowing my watercolours wouldn't … Continue reading Bad Birds Four – Making The Best Of Waking On The Wrong Side Of The Bed

Bad Birds Three – I Am My Own Moodiness

We all have choices to make and the hardest is often how we choose to react to our circumstances. I was so frustrated with boredom that I became unaware of how I was emoting that black cloud of frustration. I was generating my own shadow of negativity wherever I went and getting even more resentful … Continue reading Bad Birds Three – I Am My Own Moodiness

Bad Birds Two – Keeping My Nose Out Of It

Remember that these were reactions to the boredom caused by the work practices of the summer job team... I can't really blame them... it might have made sense to me when I was 19 too. But now, I have so much on my mind and I'm quite set in my ways... work hard now to … Continue reading Bad Birds Two – Keeping My Nose Out Of It

A little good news — about creativity I'm not sure why, but this mental exercise sounds familiar. As a person who has often been accused of being too literate because of my love of semantics, this is a game I've often played with myself... well, various versions of it. Care to see if you are really creative? Take the test:

An Abstract Project – Kind of Blue – One

Entering into the home stretch of the semester, our painting teacher launched a new direction challenge... Astractions! I've done many abstracts over the past thirty or so years or so and felt I've done enough... especially since enjoying the portraits and figure painting much more this past few months, but I like a challenge, so... … Continue reading An Abstract Project – Kind of Blue – One

Portrait Of An Odd Feeling

Another more-or-less spontaneous portrait (perhaps, self-portrait) built up from the left over paints on the main canvas I'm currently working. I started with laying in blues over the whole board... I was blending the paints right on my other canvas and then brushing off the extra here. The blob in the middle became the face … Continue reading Portrait Of An Odd Feeling

There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Another view of our meek soul, commenting calmly on something that raises his alarm and fears. He is clearly trying very hard not to give in to panic by making such a subdued statement, but we know what's going on inside, don't we? Which way do you think he'll bolt? Dimension: 9" (23cm) x 12" … Continue reading There’s A Dubious Sound Over There

Gosh, that’s worrisome!

It doesn't matter that people express fear or surprise in a thousand ways; my coping mechanism seems to always turn to a cartoon response. More than that, everyone becomes a meek and silly caricature of themselves. Please don't judge me too harshly, I don't belittle the person's expression of fear when this happens. It actually … Continue reading Gosh, that’s worrisome!

Feeling Kinda Blue – The Hollow Ones #36

I let the feeling wash over me, through me, and out of me. It went right to the paper and I was left with a feeling of joy. This is what blues music dies for me too. I acknowledge the emotions of the medium and let it wash away the sadness. What is left is … Continue reading Feeling Kinda Blue – The Hollow Ones #36